Monday, April 23, 2012

Brussels, Belgium

This also serves as our 6th year wedding anniversary celebration!  Eventhough the weather and my cam did not cooperate we still had a blast!!!

Fyi, all photos are taken from my iphone.

Just as we arrived in Grand Palace, the batt of my  cam died..sigh!

Underneath the Atomium...This is not just is HUMONGOUS!!!

Then we went to Mini Europe!  This park houses all the historic monuments and buildings in Europe (if Im not mistaken EU members only) in a miniature form...

This structure is huge to be called a miniature hehehe....It is the oldest and first catholic university in Vilnius, Latvia

one picture wouldn't hurt, right? 

We were just there a while ago!!! Grand Palace!

Details, details, details!

That's the Flower Carpet. The flower carpet happens every other year, this year it is scheduled mid of August and it only runs for 3 days...

Another huge structure..the Big Ben.

My cam can't capture the whole structure!

This is cute!!!! The boys on the right have to jump on the metal square so that the two miniature ice skaters will move around the monument....and the people on the right have to pedal something so that the bike will run around the plaza..

This is amazing....even the scale on how far the Sacre Couer from the road is precise....don't you think? I remember having a picture exactly like this....

Again, DETAILS!!!!!

Spa in Budapest!

Schonbrunn Palace in Austria

sigh...I've seen quite a few but still A LOT to discover!

What is Belgium without its chocolates!!!

It is sooo small if not for the crowd you would hardly notice it...

Belgian waffles....i ordered waffle with strawberries topped with whipped cream and vanilla sauce..beat that hahahah! 500 calories just by smelling it!

and more chocolates!

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