Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stage mother!!!

I couldn't explain it but ......I was so excited for my little one to be baptized.  I prepared and organized everything up to the last detail...

St Peter's Church Mainz, Germany

The most beautiful church i've ever seen

We first saw this holyweek 2010, when we were doing our Bisita Iglesia.

I was still not pregnant at that time, upon seeing this church I told hubby that i want our future child to be baptized here.

Then it came true .....aaaw!

Lay out of her tarpaulin which i shipped from Manila

aaww...she got tired from all the photoshoot hehehe

Her baptismal shoes

Accesories that she wore

Dress that she wore at the reception

Her baptismal dress was sewn by her grandmother from the US. Really really nice!!!

table names

souvenirs also imported from Manila :-D

Believe it or not...I baked this!!!!!

Baptismal candle
because i love details...table napkin used

Friday, July 29, 2011

Zaanse Schans, The Netherlands

It was already my second time to visit this museum and i still enjoyed it.

Warning: picture overload!!!!

Holland landmark

Isn't it the cutest???

different styles

pangformal wear :-p

oh my!!!

Louboutin version

This is where they make all the clogs

Cheese factory

I can live here!!!

I bought 2 of these....they tasted like quezo de bola

Another favorite!

"Dirty" Italian ice cream in Amsterdam, huh???

Wooden tulips

Was not able to visit Amsterdam city this time


...and more clogsssssss

ill have one bracelet charm for everycountry that Louise is going to visit and put it on her bracelet ...then someday she can use it or keep it as a souvenir....  :-D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baptismal cake

Because I believe in the saying that practice makes perfect :-D
We attended a baptism last Sunday and this is what i gave and surprisingly (?) they liked it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Magdridrive ako hanggang.......

We took the Rhein River route from my MIL's house to our home.  It has 30kms more than the autobahn route that we normally take. The travel time is also longer as it has a speedlimit of 80-100kms/hr.

1st stop : Rüdesheim

Rüdesheim produces my favorite sparkling...Rheingau Riesling Lieblich

Start of our roadtrip

We saw not less than 10 castles/ruins on this trip

It is indeed a Gute Reise!!!