Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First birthday

I . STILL. CAN'T  . BELIEVE . IT!!!!!!!!! It seems that i just gave birth last month :(

Anyway,  I just prepared a simple minnie mouse party for her .....

She did enjoy this photoshoot hehehe

dessert table

to give more energy to the kids
bad :(   ....this was supposed to be a minnie and mickey mouse's head but it didn't survived the journey

lesson learned : If i need to bake a cake, i should concentrate on baking alone ....I was sooo busy with the preparation that i wasn't able to make a more beautiful cake than this :(

This almost life-size airwalker balloon served as our mascot ...guests enjoyed taking pictures with her
I did not prepare any loot bag, but i gave them Mickey mouse car candy container and....

personalized photoballoon

the kids enjoyed their photoballoon (its not so common here in Germany :-)  )
Because the food were pre-ordered, i made those minnie identifiers so that they'll know what food they ordered

pork schnitzel

I did not prepare any activities for the kids, i think this is enough to keep them busy

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