Sunday, September 4, 2011

Movie Park and Hubby

I loooove theme parks, it makes me excited ...but not as excited as my hubby.  The title i think says it all, Movie park ....and hubby because his face is all over this post :-p

spot hubby on the left side ....not so excited to go in!

I soooo love this atmosphere!!!!

first ride....Dora the explorer

the biggest blow dryer ive ever seen hahaha!!! you go here after getting wet in Dora the Explorer invention!!!

there he is....all smiles!!!
2nd ride

The Mission to Mars ride

i forgot the name of this ride...ooops!

Transformers ....believe me, hubby was there too :-p

sorry, but this picture cracks me up!!!!!

the high fall

Bigger version of the Jimmy Neutron's ride

i think he's the only one who's enjoying it hehehe

nice shot!!!

...but this is better, don't you think???

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