Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby shower

My SIL  organized a baby shower for me at our house. She invited some of my and my hubby's friends. It was actually just a simple dinner and get together, no frills, no games (my request!....i just wanted to be Miranda of SATC at that time hehehe). Here's what we've prepared:

so girly heehee!

MIL's touch....table setting

Hubby and I were classmates during elementary and those pictures were our graduation pics hahaha!

aaaww...from the tiny sac to a baby...can you see the side profile of her face?

chocolates as souvenir

Gift section....those gifts were given by my friends from Manila, Bangkok and Singapore. Touch ako!

the feast

the cake

the bootie is really cute

SIL baked these cupcakes. Can you read MAMA? there was also papa but someone ate it already.

the invites

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